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  • $15.00$60.00

    lsd mints for microdosing. 5mcg per mint

    reported benefits of lsd microdosing include elevated mood, decreases in depression, increases in energy and productivity, improved relational skills and adoption of better health habits. See below for more information on lsd and how to microdose with it.

    based on a dosing schedule of once every 3 days, 40 mints will last you 4 months.

  • $75.00

    a natural way to positively change your outlook, reduce anxiety, feel happier, calmer, focused and grounded.

    this blend gets its name from the sacred harmony between the heart + mind opening mushroom, penis envy and the grounding cactus, san pedro. the balancing energy of plant + fungi combined with the whole body benefits of shilajit makes these capsules a perfect compliment to your wellness journey. the enhanced state from the sacred harmony blend is subtle enough to pair with your daily routine, but powerful enough to help you maintain a well-balance state of being.

    per capsule:

    penis envy mushrooms – 50mg
    san pedro – 250mg
    shilajit – 100mg

  • -6% Off

    shroom tea is one of the most preferred ways to ingest magic mushrooms. with this method, you don’t have to actually ingest the mushroom material, which makes the come-up quicker and smoother, with less chance of nausea.

    • each product contains seven (7) teabags
    • teabags are available in doses of 1/2 gram  or 1 gram each
    • available in 2 flavours: chocolate chai and tropical ginger

    penis envy is recognized as one of the strongest strains of magic mushrooms and is often sought after by those who are looking for a potent experience. if you are looking for a smoother, more microdose experience, check out sage teas – golden teacher. 

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microdosing psilocybin mushrooms is even better when paired with a wide variety of adaptagens. Find the right blend for your journey.


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