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First psychedelic therapy centre opens in Calgary, Alberta

The first psychedelic therapy centre is here! Psychedelic therapy is the new buzz in the Canadian medical community. As you may know, our southern neighbours in Oregon boldly decriminalized all drugs and legalized the medicinal use of psilocybin mushrooms.

Every month since, we see progress toward the acceptance of psilocybin for therapy. This is an unbelievably exciting time to be alive!

In January 2021, an Albertan man with terminal cancer was the first Canadian to be federally approved to use psilocybin mushroom as treatment. Just last week, the first clinic in Alberta to use psychedelic therapy opened in Calgary. As a first of its kind, this centre will also serve as training grounds for the Canadian mental health professional community.

ATMA Urban Journey Clinic

Although this seems to follow the new wave of recent news in the psychedelic movement, the ATMA Urban Journey Clinic CEO David Harder remarks that the manifestation of the clinic is a result of years of research, trials and studies.

He explains that psilocybin works almost exactly the opposite of what a normal depression or anxiety medication would. These medicines suppress and numbing like typical prescription medication. This fungi medicine offers different perspectives on personal issues. Through this, you can find your way through it with a therapist there to help you.

Psilocybin has received a lot of positive feedback from palliative cancer patients dealing with anxiety and end of life distress. The perspective of the experience can help sooth their anxiety and help them come to terms with their situation.

Exceptions for the terminally ill

Health Canada does grant exceptions to allow terminally ill patients to use psilocybin in therapy sessions. Since August of 2020, Health Canada has granted 20 exemptions for patients diagnosed with terminal cancer to pursue psilocybin treatment to treat their end of life distress.

The clinic in Calgary will offer psychedelic therapy sessions to the terminally ill (for free!!!) in accordance with this Health Canada mandate. Past this, they have hopes to see it expand into other areas of mental health like PTSD, anxiety and depression.

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  • I want to express my gratitude for this groundbreaking article. It showcases the pioneering efforts in Calgary to establish the first psychedelic therapy center and brings attention to the transformative potential of these therapies in mental health treatment. By providing valuable information and insights, this article contributes to a more informed and progressive approach to mental health care. Thank you for sharing this important and enlightening piece of news.

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