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How should I store mushrooms?

The most important thing to do before storing your shrooms is to make sure that they are cracker dry. If they can bend, then they’re not dry enough. So remember, cracker dry. 

Proper storage is super important because you want to make sure that your mushrooms are going to be effective in the future. So always store them in a cool dark place. Do not store them in the direct sunlight because sunlight will break down anything that’s in its direct light. 

What container should I store my shrooms in?

The most common way is Ziploc. Another way is the mason jar, because it’s more showy and also made of glass. Some people prefer not to use plastic just because we need to keep the world a little cleaner. The other way, if you want, is any plastic or glass container that can keep out the air. Again, you’re going to be storing in a cool dark area. 

It also might be helpful to invest into silica. You’ve probably seen silica packs in various containers for food and other items. Silica will absorb any leftover humidity. Even though the shrooms may be cracker dry, it’s good to back it up with silica packs and it also helps preserve your mushrooms and keep them longer for you. They are very inexpensive, you can get them online. Remember, always close it up tight.

Where can I find good containers to store my shrooms?

If you’re planning to store your shrooms in resealable plastic bags, then you can pick those up from any grocery store! There are many different sizes and qualities of this type of bag, so make sure that you choose one with a strong seal and good bag thickness. In most brands of resealable plastic bags there is a freezer storage style of bag, which is the best type of bag to store your shrooms in, if you prefer to use plastic bags. 

If you prefer to use mason jars, you can also find those in a grocery store. However, mason jars are often sold in packs of 12 or more, depending on the size. If you have a large amount of shrooms that you would like to store then that amount of jars might be perfect! If you’re only storing a small amount of shrooms, though, it might be better and more economical to head to a thrift store to find a single mason jar that you can buy for just a few dollars. When you get home, make sure that you sanitize the inside of the mason jar properly before storing your shrooms inside. 

How can I sanitize the container I store shrooms in?

When using a mason jar or other glass container to store shrooms, it’s important to be sure that the inside of the container is free from any bacteria or contaminants, especially for long-term storage of the shrooms. In order to sanitize the jar, wash it and let it dry completely. Then, boil some water. When the water is boiling, pour it into the mason jar and let it stand for one minute. Then, pour the boiling water out and let the jar dry completely. After this, it’s ready for shroom storage!

A quick point about safety when sanitizing your shroom containers – make sure that the mason jar is already warm or close to warm when you pour the boiling water in. If the mason jar is cold, it might break when the hot water shocks the cold glass. Be careful!

How do shrooms get dried before they can be stored?

First the shrooms need to be shredded, usually by hand. You can use a knife but some say it becomes too wet. The key is to get the mushrooms as uniform as possible. So if the mushrooms you’re using are small enough to fit inside the dehydrator without shredding, then it’s best to leave them whole. 

Once they’ve been broken up into uniform pieces, place them on the trays of the dehydrator without touching each other. You want to make sure that the air can circulate properly throughout the mushrooms so you can also remove any trays that you’re not using and space the shrooms out. Next you should set the temperature anywhere between 110 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit and let it dehydrate for about six to eight hours but definitely check them first after the six hours to see if you need more time or not. They should be cracker dry! 

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