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    Zen Rest is a microdose blend which combines Reishi mushroom and cannabidiol (cbd) with Golden Teachers psilocybe cubensis. The fantastic combination of CBD and Psilocybin is new and exciting; perfect for relaxing, recharging, and battling anxiety and stress.

    Microdosing describes the practice of ingesting small amounts of psilocybin (or other substances) for beneficial effects on motivation, productivity and general well being.

    If you are new to psychedelics, it is best to begin with the smallest dose available; 50 mg. a high dose is the most common factor with bad experiences with psilocybin. 50 mg is twentieth of a gram (a gram is 1,000 mg). start low, and go slow. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, so you can take more as required until you reach the desired effects.

    Ingredients: lion’s mane, golden teachers psilocybe cubensis

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