200 mg THC Oral Mint Spray | Astro


Brand: Astro
Type: THC
Dose: Approximately 4.5mg per single-spray serving
Quantity: 1 bottle
Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, THC distillate, Natural Artificial Flavour, Stevia, Soy Lecithin.


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The 200 mg THC Oral Mint Spray, offered by Astro, stands as a sugar-free and invigorating substitute to the traditional approach of consuming edibles. With a futuristic touch, these sprays are not only conveniently sized but also discreet, allowing you to carry them effortlessly throughout your day. This product presents an exceptional choice in the realm of edibles, granting you the option to embrace oral medication while sidestepping the drawbacks of excessive sugar and carbohydrates.

For optimal results, administering the spray beneath the tongue proves to be a swifter route to the desired effects. Especially for newcomers, it is advised to initiate with a modest 1-2 sprays. Following this, a waiting period of 20-30 minutes is recommended before any additional dosing. Such an approach ensures that the intended effects are attained effectively and safely. In summary, Astro’s 200 mg THC Oral Mint Spray not only offers a novel method of consumption but also provides a mindful means to enjoy the benefits of THC without compromising on unwanted dietary components.


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200 mg THC Oral Mint Spray

200 mg THC Oral Mint Spray | Astro

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