600 mg THC Coke Bottles


Brand: Medibles
Type: THC
Dose: 600mg THC per bag

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600 mg THC Coke Bottles candies bring together the perfect blend of marijuana and sweetness, offering an incredible high. Crafted with premium cannabis, these delectable THC gummies start off with a delightful sweetness, only to take you on a sudden journey to a stoned state. The medical benefits of these candies are long-lasting, ensuring a prolonged experience.

Tailor-made for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a pleasurable way to consume edible marijuana, these gummies prove to be an ideal choice. For optimal results, we recommend enjoying them on an empty or nearly empty stomach. If you happen to eat something before trying these candies, be patient, as they may take a little extra time to kick in.

In conclusion, our 600 mg THC Coke Bottles candies offer a mouthwatering adventure that fuses the best of both worlds – marijuana’s effects and the delight of sweetness. Experience an extended and enjoyable high with these high-quality THC gummies, specially designed for cannabis users looking to savor the essence of edible marijuana.


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600 mg THC Coke Bottles

600 mg THC Coke Bottles

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