Afghan Mazar Hash | Pacific Reserve


Brand: Pacific Reserve
Type: THC
Quantity: 1 gram per container
THC Content: 50-60%

It is recommendable that you store the strain in a cool and dry location because of its soft texture.

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Afghan Mazar Hash is a high quality imported hash. With a mild spice taste, a medium brown dense, and a hard look, the Afghan Mazar packs powerful scents and real mind effects but not overwhelmingly so. The Afghan Mazar also boasts a relaxing, mellow high and great taste, which can be a bit harsh on your throat while providing a very body inducing high and giving an almost-like narcotic impact.

Hash is known as being one of the oldest form of cannabis concentrates with recorded usage that dates back to over 900 years ago, although it has probably been used for much longer. This indica dominant strain product is renowned for its sedative effects and excellent potency levels.



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Afghan Mazar Hash

Afghan Mazar Hash | Pacific Reserve

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