Candy Shop (AAAA)

Genetics: Lemon Berry Candy OG x Ethos Cookies #16
Type: Sativa
THC Content: 24% – 28%
Effects: Tranquilizing on the body, calm on the mind
Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, stress disorders, insomnia


Candy Shop is a rare sativa-dominant hybrid, resulting from crossing Lemon Berry Candy OG with Ethos Cookies #16. It is highly regarded for its incredibly delicious flavor, leaving you craving more with just one hit. The sweet and sour berry candy taste, accompanied by a hint of spices upon exhaling, is simply delightful.

The delightful aroma of Candy Shop combines earthy and woody tones with hints of spice and sweet berries, creating a captivating sensory experience that tantalizes the senses. This alluring fragrance is further enhanced by a subtle touch of heavy incense, adding a touch of mystique to the overall olfactory journey.

The high of Candy Shop is a creeper, gradually intensifying before taking hold. A gentle tingle will wash over you, inducing a state of pure calm and relaxation. It’s worth noting that excessive consumption can lead to drowsiness, so be mindful of your dosage if you have tasks to accomplish.

Candy Shop is highly recommended for conditions such as depression, chronic stress or PTSD, chronic pain, and nausea or appetite loss. Its dense and sticky forest green buds, shaped like hearts, are adorned with scattered orange hairs and coated in tiny golden crystal trichomes.


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Candy Shop

Candy Shop (AAAA)

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