Eat Me Up Chocolate Bars | 2250mg THC


Brand: Eat Me Up
Type: THC
Dose: Roughly 150mg THC per square
Quantity: 1 bar / 15 breakable pieces
Flavours: Classic Milk Chocolate, Cookies & Cream

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Eat Me Up Chocolate Bars, are a great quality chocolate bar, and they’re also one of the highest dose edibles you’ll find on the market. Seriously, these are no joke. They will definitely do the trick for even the most experienced users.

Each bar contains 2250 mg of total THC, but you can easily break the bar into 15 smaller pieces. Each smaller piece only contains 150 mg THC. We recommend that you start with one piece, and increase after an hour and a half if you are not achieving the desired effect. For something a little more intense, you can always go for 3 pieces, but you probably won’t need a whole lot more than that.

Eat Me Up Chocolate Bars are available in 3 delicious flavours. Milk Chocolate is available for those who prefer classic flavours. Cookies and Cream is a great choice for anyone who loves Oreos. For those who prefer white chocolate and fruity flavours, we also have Raspberry Cheesecake.


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Eat Me Up Chocolate Bars

Eat Me Up Chocolate Bars | 2250mg THC

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