euphoria milk chocolate – 3,000 mg

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brand: euphoria psychedelics
3 grams (3,000 mg)
12 (250 mg each)
milk chocolate
psilocybe: golden teachers

dose responsibly and enjoy!


product information

these shroom chocolate bars by euphoria psychedelics are an easy and tasty way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms with dosing that can be customized to any experience level. the chocolate bars are dosed with golden teachers psilocybin mushrooms. golden teachers is one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms for its balanced and reliable effects.

each chocolate bar can be broken up into 12 individual pieces at 250 mg per piece. this makes it great for sharing or microdosing! of course, if you are seeking more of a journey, you can simply consume the whole bar.

dose responsibly and enjoy!



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euphoria milk chocolate

euphoria milk chocolate - 3,000 mg

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