nature’s edibles raspberry & dark chocolate – 3g


brand: nature’s edibles
3 grams (3,000 mg)
24 (120mg per piece)
raspberry & dark chocolate
psilocybe: golden teacher

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Nature’s Edibles – Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Chocolate Bar

3 Grams Golden Teacher Mushrooms per 60 gram bar

A delicious blend of Belgian dark chocolate and toffee combined with Golden Teacher mushrooms for a tasty trip. Each bar contains 3 grams of active psilocybin mushrooms. 24 squares per bar and 120mg per square makes it easy to understand your dose. Perfect for micro-dosing or have a full day trip experience by eating 8+ pieces.

Usage & Dosage:

Start Low and Go Slow

Each square contains 120mg of magic mushrooms. 24 squares per bar. Wait 30-60 minutes for effects to kick in before deciding to eat more. Enjoy!


Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin), Vanilla, Golden Teacher Mushrooms, Dried Raspberries

Lab tested. Made in Canada



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nature's edibles raspberry & dark chocolate - 3g

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