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Genetics: Deathstar x Blood Rose
Type: Indica
THC Content: 15-18%
Effect: Potent body effects, relaxing mental effects
Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, stress disorders, anxiety, depression

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Pink Deathstar shake is an exceptional and uncommon strain that boasts a pure 100% indica hybrid lineage. This potent variety is the result of crossing the revered Death Star with the timeless Blood Rose. Its name is derived from its distinct appearance, as each compact bud showcases an dark green hue with noticeable undertones of pink.

The buds that this comes from have abundant milky amber hairs and transparent crystal trichomes that take on a pinkish tinge, enhancing their allure. Upon breaking apart the frosty nuggets, one is greeted by the release of a delightful combination of scents. The fragrance of fresh diesel intermingles with earthy spices, creating an enticing aroma.

As you indulge in each inhalation, a harmonious blend of spicy cinnamon and berries tantalizes the palate, complemented by a touch of earthy diesel upon exhale. Initially, a gradual and forceful embrace encompasses both the mind and body. This experience quickly transitions into a deeply relaxing and sedating state, rendering you couch-locked and immobile. It is not uncommon for this strain to lead to a peaceful slumber.

With its remarkable attributes Pink Deathstar shake proves to be an ideal choice for anyone on a budget who is looking for an excellent experience.


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Pink Deathstar Shake

Pink Deathstar Shake | Ounce Deal

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