Pink Unicorn (AAAA)

Genetics: Purple Unicorn x Blood Rose
Type: Sativa
THC Content: 24% – 28%
Effects: Tranquilizing on the body, calm on the mind
Medical Benefits: Chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, stress disorders, insomnia


Pink Unicorn is a sativa strain resulting from the crossbreeding of Purple Unicorn and Blood Rose. Its captivating appearance, featuring spade-shaped minty green nugs with vibrant pink undertones, orange hairs, and a thick frosty layer of pink-tinted white crystal trichomes, perfectly complements its legendary lineage. Breaking apart the sparkly nuggets releases a sharp lemon and lime aroma, accompanied by a spicy woody overtone that transforms into an earthy and sour scent when burned.

The flavor profile mirrors the aroma, offering a lightly spicy and citrusy experience enhanced by notes of sour lemon and lime upon exhale. The effects of Pink Unicorn are equally delightful. It begins with a rush of cerebral stimulation, inducing euphoria, motivation, and laser-sharp focus. As the high progresses, a potential for giggly and uplifted feelings emerges, so it’s important to monitor dosage when there are tasks to be done.

With its notable effects and above-average THC level, Pink Unicorn is often recommended for addressing conditions like chronic fatigue, stress or PTSD, eye pressure or glaucoma, and depression. It’s a strain that promises an enchanting experience both in terms of flavor and effects, making it a sought-after choice among cannabis enthusiasts.


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Pink Unicorn

Pink Unicorn (AAAA)

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