PUR Premium Shatter


Brand: PUR
Type: THC
Extract Method: BHO
Quantity: 1 gram per pack
Material: Dried flower
THC: 65-85%

It is recommendable that you store shatter in the refrigerator.

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PUR Premium Shatter is a brand new offering from PUR’s new range of concentrates and extracts.  Coming in a wide range of strains and flavour profiles, all of PUR’s concentrates are lab tested for THC/CBD percentage as well as impurities and any lingering solvent.

PUR Shatter is strong, clean and incredibly tasty – it is also very stable but also super easy to work with – no more shatter explosions when all you want is to have a dab!

Available strains at the moment:

  • Pink (Indica)
  • Jelly Breath (Indica)


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PUR Premium Shatter

PUR Premium Shatter

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