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Sex on shrooms

Before we get into the mystical and the hilarious, ensure your partner is on board before the you ingest the mushrooms.

Because you are not in a sober state of mind while using psychedelics, you cannot legally agree to sex. But that doesn’t stop couples from enthusiastically consenting to have sex while using mushrooms.

Will I Fall in Love? 

You may or may not be surprised, but it’s common to “fall in love” while high on mushrooms.

Neuroscientist Michele Ross states in her blog article about having safe sex while using psilocybin mushrooms that they “might ramp that [connection] up even further in terms of serotonin activation, quicker bonding, and could even drive new partners to believe they are soul mates.”

When discussing her shroomy sexcapades with Timothy Leary, Liz Elliot may have best captured this elusive, next-level intimacy: “We could toy with each other’s brains, stroke mental erogenous zones.”

How a day of psychedelic therapy can be equivalent to ten years of therapy. Taking a journey with someone, regardless of the level of physical closeness shared, might feel like you’ve squeezed several months of dating into a single day since you get to explore new places and discover new feelings.

Whether you braid your bodies together or sit in opposite corners of the room while scream-singing, tripping with your lover will be an experience you will never forget. neither jointly nor with anyone else. All forms of shroom sex stand out in your unique ethnography of intimacy, frequently denoting steps toward a deeper comprehension of how you complement one another—or don’t.

Along with having sex, strangers will trip their balls. It is in our nature. And if there is permission, there is nothing wrong with having a sexual encounter with the fairy wearing a tie-dye outfit that you met outside of a music festival. Be careful, though; it probably won’t be at all informal. Either you commit your life to your fairy, or you depart with a better grasp of who you are.

Alternatively, you might merely be being railed by reality, detach from the fairy, and come to the realization that your soul mate is either your best friend, the barista you once saw working at the coffee shop in Copenhagen, or your rival from the middle school.

Sex on mushrooms could become impossible 

“Whenever I was melting [on mushrooms], I was always too far gone and couldn’t focus for more than a second,” a Twitter user repeated a perspective that many people had. This issue comes down to dose like the majority of mushroom-related issues do.

According to Jankian, “If you take a moderate dose, it should be enjoyable and keep you present in your body and with your partner.” “You might feel helpless or extremely vulnerable if you’re at a greater dose, which is defined as 3 grams and above. The prospect of having sex while hard-tripping can be overwhelming with so much sensation.

Even when sex doesn’t work, intensity and absurdity can result in humorous situations that can nevertheless strengthen relationships. An unnamed Savannah-based sybarite told Psychedelic Spotlight about his experience with shroom sex gone wrong: “I was having sex and Matt Damon’s Martian came on and I was so worried for Matt Damon’s welfare that I couldn’t do it.” I also didn’t know who was fucking who, but it didn’t matter because, for example, Matt Damon was on Mars and I had no idea if he would be okay, the man continues.

Matt Damon or not Matthew Damon According to Dr. Ross, even the smallest slip-up could send you or your partner nosediving out of the situation and leave you unable to recover. “Touch, whether sexual or nonsexual, can be a gamble on mushrooms,” she continues.

Simply said, don’t carry a reusable bag filled with sex toys because you’re unlikely to use them. To use a cringeworthy cliche, though, it would be preferable to sex to take a heroic dose with a person you can trust while laughing about your futile attempts to sexualize the experience.

Mushrooms can expand your perception of intimacy 

Going down and down on mushrooms also raises the issue of what sex is. Is having sex already a psychedelic experience where two minds merge and pursue cascading pleasures?

Simply trying sex while under the influence of a psychedelic drug can lead to new insights into what sex is truly all about beyond its intended purpose.

Dosage and Advice 

According to Michelle Jankian, author of Your Psilocybin Companion: An Informative, Easy-to-Use Guide to Understanding Magic Mushrooms, depending on experience and intention, the best dose for sex on mushrooms is between 1.5 and 3.5 grams of dried mushrooms.

To promote closeness, however, some psychonauts favor taking a microdose (about one-tenth of a psychedelic dose) or a moderate dose. You can still experience the benefits of heightened emotions and touch sensitivity with a lower dosage while remaining in your body and protected from images.

The importance of setting and dosage cannot be emphasized, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins. Both the pleasant and the unpleasant are amplified by mushrooms. Therefore, a relaxing environment is essential so that you can give up.

Set up some damage reduction strategies and get your nest ready for everything the journey may bring. To avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated during sex, Dr. Ross advises keeping an eye on your hydration levels and turning on the air conditioning. She also cautions that “your body temperature can change quickly, and you can also get chilly fast.” Make sure “you have fans, comfortable blankets, and water around, so you’re prepared for any circumstance mushrooms may throw your way,” to fix this.

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