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Should I take cannabis while tripping on shrooms?

When making the choice whether to consume cannabis on your trip, it’s important to be careful because it can make the trip a lot more intense. As with all things (alcohol, or caffeine or sugar or any substance you put into your body) do a little bit and wait and see what happens. Especially with psychedelics like mushrooms you need to be patient because it might take a while for you to really feel the effects of it but it lasts a really long time. 

Should I consume weed while doing mushrooms?

It can be very overwhelming to navigate this whole landscape especially when you start exploring combining cannabis products with other drugs. There’s a lot of things that can happen because everybody has a different body. Everybody has a different mindset when they are going into a trip. If you’ve tripped before, you know that every single trip is different. All of this means that there really isn’t a cut and dry answer for whether to use cannabis while tripping.

What are the most common side effects of combining weed and psychedelics?

Some common effects that people see when they’re combining weed and mushrooms or weed and other psychedelics can be negative, like anxiety, paranoia, intensification of effects of the trip. Some positive effects can be relaxation, alleviation from nausea, and groundedness. 

Can ingesting cannabis make my trip more intense?

Sometimes intensification of the trip can be a good thing! Especially if you feel like you’re in that liminal space where you feel the psychedelic but you’re not going as deep as you want to, or you’re trying to access some sort of revelation, or you’re trying to get deeper into your body, or you’re basically just trying to get more into the trip and you feel like you’re you’re kind of stagnating or you’re kind of stuck. 

Some people say that smoking weed really gives them a sense of euphoria or turns their trip into a positive experience, alleviating concerns and anxieties around the trip turning negative. There’s no guarantee that that’s what it’s going to do for you. If you are consuming your drugs after testing them properly, following all the proper protocols around having a trip sitter and making sure that you’re in the right psychological state of mind it’s not dangerous to combine these substances. Just go slow, because it just might put you into a headspace that you’re really not looking to be in. 

Can smoking weed while I’m on shrooms make me have a bad trip?

Some researchers say that there’s no such thing as a bad trip. It’s just that sometimes trips are really challenging. What you’re supposed to do if you’re trying to get the most you possibly can out of this experience is surrender. Don’t try and push away those negative feelings or, or create resistance to them, but really just breathe and observe what is coming up for you. If you’re looking to cannabis to alleviate the negative feelings that are coming up for you on a psychedelic you might be missing a really beautiful opportunity to go inward! 

What should I think about before combining shrooms and weed?

If you are a regular cannabis consumer, you’ll know that smoking weed can also give you what’s called cottonmouth. So you really just have to be conscientious about your water consumption when you are using cannabis and shrooms but especially when you’re combining the two. 

Can smoking weed while tripping shrooms help with nausea?

One common side effect of mushrooms is nausea. During the come up you might experience a little bit of nausea. Not everyone experiences it, but if you do, 90% of the time it’s going to be during the come up and then it’s going to subside as the trip goes on. Some people like to smoke cannabis before consuming mushrooms in order to help with the nausea that can occur during the come up.

Once you have already consumed the mushrooms, if you are feeling nauseous during the come up, be cautious about consuming weed. It is possible that with harsher methods like bong rips or joints, the coughing could trigger your gag reflex – which would be a waste of great mushrooms.

Can I take bigger hits of weed while tripping on shrooms?

Usually by the time the come up is over and you’re peaking the nausea is gone. Some people report being able to take much larger hits from bongs, vapes or joints during this phase. Some also say that it is possible to take much larger hits without coughing at all. So if you are an experienced smoker and tripper, this combination might make consuming cannabis more comfortable for you. 

Should I roll joints ahead of time when I’m going to trip shrooms?

When you’re under the influence of mushrooms and you’re deep in a trip sometimes completing a task can feel very difficult. Sometimes you might feel really lost in thought, or your brain can just easily wander off. It might sound like a great idea to smoke a bowl while you’re tripping, but when you go to get everything set up you get distracted during that process and start thinking about other things until eventually it’s a whole hour later and you realise you still haven’t smoked.

Every task becomes more difficult to complete when you’re on shrooms than when you’re sober. So if you plan to smoke while tripping, the best thing you can do is prep the joints you plan to smoke ahead of time to make the process as simple as possible. 

Can cannabis make me trip again?

When you’re on mushrooms and you smoke weed during your come down, some people report more intensified feelings of tripping starting again. Other people report that, especially if they have already been smoking a lot during their trip, they don’t feel anything at all when they smoke weed on their come-down. 

As with everything, start low and go slow! Get to know your body on shrooms and cannabis separately before combining them, and make sure you try only a little bit and give it some time to kick in before trying to add any more. 

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