microdosing is the practice of ingesting very small amounts of a psychedelic substance with the goal of increasing productivity, focus, or mood.

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the kind of “trip” you embark upon with magic mushrooms, aka shrooms or zoomies, depends on the dose you take. here is an easy guide to help you understand how to dose shrooms.

microdose (0.1 to 0.5 grams) – if you are looking for a microdose, this is what we recommend. if you take it every few days, you won’t even feel its effect. but when used on the regular, it is guaranteed to ease up anxiety and to unleash the creative in you.

threshold dose (0.6 to 1.5 grams)
– whether you’re an experienced user or a budding one, this dose is the sweet spot for many users. it offers a mellow trip often accompanied by giggles and slight visual distortion. as you get closer to 1.5 grams you will notice visual or auditory accentuations.

full dose (1.5 to 4 grams)
– if you’re looking for that real trip, this is the dose for you. take our magic shrooms at this dose to bask in that glorious wave of euphoria. you will also notice vivid hallucinations and heightened sensory functions.

hero dose (5+ grams)
– we recommend this dose only for experienced users. it’s not for the weak of heart. but if you dare, you will enjoy a profound level of trip that will have you craving for more. it is at this dose that a lot of serious trauma and personal work can be done with a proper psychedelic therapist.

lsd, formally known as lysergic acid diethylamide, is a potent psychedelic substance that is excellent for microdosing routines. the effects are often reported as light and easy on the body, with most of the effect felt in the mind. some people experience fractal visuals at higher doses, while most report a sense of calm purpose and awareness of the world around them.

lsd was first synthesized by swiss chemist albert hofmann in 1938 from lysergic acid, a chemical derived from the hydrolysis of ergotamine, an alkaloid found in ergot, a fungus that infects grain. lsd was one of various lysergamides hofmann synthesized from lysergic acid while trying to develop a new analeptic. hofmann discovered its effects in humans in 1943, after unintentionally ingesting an unknown amount, possibly absorbing it through his skin. he wrote a famous report on the experience called the bicycle ride.

lsd is often approached with hesitation. one of these reasons is its street name “acid”, which is particularly abrasive and dangerous sounding. another reason is that lsd should not be taken lightly, and dosing matters. if you ingest too much lsd, and in the wrong setting, you can do damage to your mental health and experience what is called a “bad trip”. However, these experiences can be easily avoided, and you can garner the positive effects of lsd, through microdosing and controlling your dose.

a conventional “tab” of acid contains approximately 100 micrograms of lsd. the products that we offer from osmosis are divided into pieces which contain 5 micrograms in each portion. This means that ingesting 1 piece is like doing a twentieth of a tab of acid. this is the point of a microdose; to take small amounts of a substance to garner positive effects.

if you want to reach into a higher journey, you can slowly add to the experience with a method called stacking. take 5 micrograms, then wait 45 minutes. if you like where that brings you, stay there. if you want to push into a higher realm, take another 5 micrograms. experiment with this method to reach your ideal dose. A great product for experimenting with this method is the lsd light drops.

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faded offers microdose products with active ingredients such as psilocybin, lsd, and san pedro. all of our products are intended to be consumed in a microdose fashion, although experienced users might find higher doses more appropriate to their life path.


a good place to start

the most popular of our product offerings

  • Elevate Microdose Blend - 20 % Off

    elevate is a microdose blend which combines lion’s mane with golden teachers psilocybe cubensis. this is one of the most popular magic mushroom blends, and for good reason. this is the regular blend for what used to be called “scooby snacks”. lion’s mane and psilocybin are both excellent for cognitive function, and this blend works synergistically to forge neural highways, help repair neurological damage, and boost energy levels.

    microdosing describes the practice of ingesting small amounts of psilocybin (or other substances) for beneficial effects on motivation, productivity and general well being.

    if you are new to psychedelics, it is best to begin with the smallest dose available; 50 mg. a high dose is the most common factor with bad experiences with psilocybin. 50 mg is twentieth of a gram (a gram is 1,000 mg). start low, and go slow. each bottle contains 30 capsules, so you can take more as required until you reach the desired effects.

    ingredients: lion’s mane, golden teachers psilocybe cubensis

    scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the ingredients

  • $44.00$169.00

    Albino Penis Envy is a new take on the public and potent favourite Penis Envy. These shrooms boast an all-white, albino mushroom, with bulbous caps and sturdy, girthy stems. Penis Envy is widely accepted as the most potent psilocybe cubensis strain available on the market.

    Save over 50% if you buy by the ounce
    Shipping 2-3 Day XpressPost with tracking

    Start slow and know yourself. Respect the medicine.

  • Blue Meanies

    save over 50% if you buy by the ounce

    Blue Meanies Cubensis are often confused with their namesake – Panaeolus Cyanescens. These highly potent psychedelic mushrooms are called Blue Meanies because they turn blue after harvested and being exposed to oxygen or impact. The Blue Meanies Cubensis (these ones) are called Blue Meanies as an ode to their potency and blue colours.

    Start slow and know yourself.

    dosage guideline

    microdose / low dose: 0-1 gram
    threshold dose / moderate dose: 1-4 grams
    her dose / high dose: 5 + grams

  • Ignite Microdose Blend - 20 % Off

    ignite is a microdose blend which combines herbal adaptogens with golden teachers psilocybe cubensis to help you ignite your day and enter a flow state. this microdose blend targets stress and anxiety, improves mood, battles fatigue and supports the immune system.

    microdosing describes the practice of ingesting small amounts of psilocybin (or other substances) for beneficial effects on motivation, productivity and general well being.

    if you are new to psychedelics, it is best to begin with the smallest dose available; 50 mg. a high dose is the most common factor with bad experiences with psilocybin. 50 mg is twentieth of a gram (a gram is 1,000 mg). start low, and go slow. each bottle contains 30 capsules, so you can take more as required until you reach the desired effects.

    ingredients: lion’s mane, golden teachers psilocybe cubensis

    scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the ingredients

  • $64.00$139.00

    Golden Teachers Psilocybe Cubensis is one of the most popular magic mushroom strains on the market. One of the reasons it is so popular is because it offers a mellow experience full of balance of calmness. This makes this strain ideal for newcomers to magic mushrooms.

    Save over 50% if you buy by the ounce
    Shipping 2-3 Day XpressPost with tracking

    Start slow and know yourself. Respect the medicine.

  • Albino Avery is a relatively new magic mushrooms strain from Vancouver, BC. The legend says a geneticist was researching pigment mutations with the Psilocybe Cubensis A+ strain. Albino Avery emerged, an all-white, albino mushroom with stick caps and sturdy stems.

    Save over 50% if you buy by the ounce
    Shipping 2-3 Day XpressPost with tracking

    Start slow and know yourself. Respect the medicine.

  • $67.00

    Ethereal Essence is an extract of 4-AcO-DMT (aka psilocin) suspended in organic alcohol. When  you eat magic mushrooms, you ingest psilocybin. After your stomach breaks up the raw material, the body then converts the psilocybin to psilocin, upon which time your trip begins. If you get an upset stomach when ingesting raw magic mushrooms, this just might be the product for you!

    Read the full description for more details.

  • $27.00

    5mcg per mint/5 mints per bag.

    reported benefits of lsd microdosing include elevated mood, decreases in depression, increases in energy and productivity, improved relational skills and adoption of better health habits. See below for more information on lsd and how to microdose with it.

    based on a dosing schedule of once every 3 days, 5 mints will last you 2 weeks.

  • $87.00

    a natural way to positively change your outlook, reduce anxiety, feel happier, calmer, focused and grounded.

    this blend gets its name from the sacred harmony between the heart + mind opening mushroom, penis envy and the grounding cactus, san pedro. the balancing energy of plant + fungi combined with the whole body benefits of shilajit makes these capsules a perfect compliment to your wellness journey. the enhanced state from the sacred harmony blend is subtle enough to pair with your daily routine, but powerful enough to help you maintain a well-balance state of being.

    per capsule:

    penis envy mushrooms – 50mg
    san pedro – 250mg
    shilajit – 100mg

  • Makilla Gorilla

    Makilla Gorilla is one of the strongest psilocybe cubensis strains, combining two heavyweight Penis Envy strains: Melmac Penis Envy and Albino Penis Envy. You can expect a experience of transformation with this mushroom, as it gives deep shamanic experiences with visual and auditory hallucinations. This can lead to the teachings of powerful life lessons that remain even after the high subsides. This shroom is sometimes used to treat depression and anxiety-based conditions.

    Save over 50% if you buy by the ounce
    Shipping 2-3 Day XpressPost with tracking

    Start slow and know yourself. Respect the medicine.



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what is microdosing?

it’s rather simple actually and in the word itself. psychedelic microdosing is when a very low dose of psilocybin is taken. so low of a dose that in fact you won’t feel any of the full body effect but surely will still unlock the potential of your mind and creativity. this style of dosing has been included in much research to slowly transform the neurotransmitters of the brain over time – very subtly but effectively. this has become increasingly popular in those that want to steer away from the western world’s medicine into a more natural source of healing.

how do i start microdosing mushrooms?

whether it is in raw mushroom, pill or edibles form – these recommended starting points will apply to all forms. depending on your desired effect or mood, there are different doses available when taking shrooms.

where is vancouver?

vancouver is the most ethnically diverse and rapidly rising city in canada. Ii is the eighth biggest city in canada and the largest in british columbia, and is located on the west coast of the province. it also houses YVR – vancouver airport, canada’s busiest airport, with thousands of aircraft arriving and departing daily from all over the world. with its excellent transit system, you can get anywhere in the city in under an hour even if you don’t have a car.

what’s there to do in vancouver?

where should we begin? as the largest city in british columbia, its music, cuisine, and cultural scenes are constantly increasing. vancouver residents and visitors know how to truly unwind.

stanley park

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vancouver aquarium 

the vancouver aquarium is home to more than 65,000 creatures, 120 world-class exhibits, and one unforgettable experience. from the amazon gallery to the fish, jellyfish, and octopus in the canadian oceans section, guests will be thrilled to view a diverse range of animals. guests may take part in a 15-minute 4d theatre experience throughout their visit. the gorgeous otters, harbour seals, and sea lions give a superb opportunity to view and enjoy our aquatic species.

kitsilano beach 

kitsilano beach’s sandy beach personifies vancouver’s laid-back, fun-loving attitude. locals gather here to socialise or swim in the heated outdoor saltwater pool. sunbathers go to the wide beach here in the summer. kitsilano offers amazing views of the city centre. in addition to the beach and beachfront, west fourth avenue has a lively commercial district a few streets south. the area also has a variety of cafés and walking routes.

granville island public market 

the granville island public market, which offers fruit and vegetables, seafood, and a range of other delicacies as well as ready-to-eat meals, is one of the most popular attractions on granville island. a road and footbridges connect the arts hub to residential neighbourhoods to the south, while a ferry connects it to the downtown peninsula (across false creek).

dr. sun yat-sen classical chinese garden

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museum of anthropology 

the university of british columbia’s museum of anthropology studies civilizations from all over the world, with a concentration on british columbia first nations. the interesting edifice was previously a ww2 fort that was turned into a world-class museum by local architect arthur erickson. exhibits feature native american art, including massive totem poles in the great hall. anthropological and archaeological items from asia, the pacific, the americas, africa, and europe are included in other displays.

vancouver art gallery

the vancouver art gallery is one of canada’s largest and most prominent art galleries, located near to the fairmont hotel vancouver. it has a permanent collection of almost 10,000 works of art, albeit only a tiny percentage is on display at any given time. the collection includes several works by bc and vancouver artists. it houses one of north america’s top photography collections. it also includes canada’s greatest collection of emily carr paintings, as well as various drawings and ceramic items by the legendary british columbian artist.