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What should I watch on shrooms?

What should I watch on shrooms?

Do you prefer to spend your shroom trips safely indoors? Are you planning to trip in the winter, when spending multiple hours walking around or sitting in a […]

history of LSD

The secret history of LSD

Let’s explore the secret history of LSD! Thomas Hatsis is an author, lecturer, mushroom forager, and historian of witchcraft, magic, Western religions, & contemporary psychedelia. You can find […]

The Stoned Ape Theory

The Stoned Ape Theory

The Stoned Ape Theory was posited by psychedelic pioneers Dennis and Terrence McKenna. Suspend your disbelief, and open your mind.

How to reject authority with Terrence McKenna

Terrence McKenna is one of the loudest voices in the psychedelic movement. He, his brother Dennis, and the likes of Timothy Leary are well known as some of […]

Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi: the documentary you need to see

Fantastic Fungi – wow. If you haven’t seen it on Netflix yet, it’s definitely the next thing on your watch list! This incredible documentary heavily features mushroom guru […]

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