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Elevate is a microdose blend which combines Lion’s Mane with Golden Teachers psilocybe cubensis. this is one of the most popular magic mushroom blends, and for good reason. this is the regular blend for what used to be called “scooby snacks”. lion’s mane and psilocybin are both excellent for cognitive function, and this blend works synergistically to forge neural highways, help repair neurological damage, and boost energy levels.

Microdosing describes the practice of ingesting small amounts of psilocybin (or other substances) for beneficial effects on motivation, productivity and general well being.

If you are new to psychedelics, it is best to begin with the smallest dose available; 50 mg. a high dose is the most common factor with bad experiences with psilocybin. 50 mg is twentieth of a gram (a gram is 1,000 mg). start low, and go slow. each bottle contains 30 capsules, so you can take more as required until you reach the desired effects.

Ingredients: Lion’s Mane, Golden Teachers Psilocybe Cubensis

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About Elevate Blend

Elevate Blend Ingredients

Elevate Microdose Blend is our most popular psilocybin (shroom) microdose blend here at Faded. The Elevate blend is formulated off the classic “scooby snack” formula, which usually includes psilocybin mushroom and lion’s mane. Faded offers a variety of psilocybin microdose blends, which can be found here.

Lions Mane

Lion’s Mane, aka the “Bearded tooth fungus”, or “Pom Pom Mushroom” is an incredible health supplement. This mushroom has a rich antioxidant content which can enhance energy levels by increasing cellular communication in the body.

In addition, this spectacular fungi is famous for its assistance in neural regeneration and development of the brain by promoting nerve growth factor production (NGF). These are the cells which aid the processing and transmission of information in the brain. Higher levels of NGF production avert cell damage, and protects the brain from developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Studies with increased NGF production have shown improved short-term memory, photographic memory and an overall improvement of cognitive functions.

Furthermore, those suffering from anxiety, irritability and depression have had symptoms relieved due to the effect of Lion’s Mane on the body’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This is the system primarily in charge of our Fight or Flight response.

Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes and certain blood sugar irregularities have had positive effects by using Lions Mane. This is due to the mushrooms apparent ability to lower insulin sensitivity, although this needs to be studied further

Lions Mane offers anti-inflammatory properties which can help with gastro-intestinal disorders such as IBS, IBD, Crohn’s disease, and colitis. Its anti-bacterial properties have also shown promising effects on digestive ailments such as leaky gut syndrome.

Lastly, Lion’s Mane can lower the risk factors for heart disease and potentially reduce incidence of cancer.

Effects of Elevate Microdose Blend

The effects of Elevate Microdose Blend are heavily subjective, and affected by external and internal factors. Two prominent external factors that affect psilocybin experiences are the environment, and the people that surround you. Two important internal factors are your mental state, and expectations.

Common effects reported from ingesting psilocybin are euphoria, excitement, time distortion, and mild to intense visual and other sensory enhancements. Nature may seem more alive, or seem to be breathing, and art and music may have a different and more profound effect on you. Introspective thoughts deepen and you may view reality in a much different, objective manner. Other reports detail deeper spiritual and social connections.



Where you are when you experience the effects of psilocybin matters, a lot. Here at Faded, we strongly suggest you pick an environment which feels like a safe place to you. If this is your first time using psilocybin and the experience is completely new, this is of paramount importance. Do not put yourself in a position of heightened stress, because this can lead to negative effects. Make sure you don’t have to perform tasks which involve a high level of responsibility, such as driving a car. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but high levels of stress can tip your mental state to a darker place. Do surround yourself with colours, art, music, nature, warmth, laughter and love.


The people which surround you is a very important factor. In an ideal situation, surround yourself only with people you know very well, ideally good friends or family. If you are microdosing, it’s also a great option to do this alone, or with a partner or close friend, when you have a very regular day ahead of you with no surprises. Having the right people around helps you feel safe and comfortable with expressing yourself in this altered state of consciousness. If you are completely new to psilocybin, it is good to have someone around you trust who is not under the influence of any substances, but has experience with psychedelics, to help lead you through it.


Mental state

Although psilocybin can be extremely valuable in a clinical, therapeutic session with supervision, being in a troubled state of mind going in to a high dose experience may manifest. It may not be a good time to wander into a cerebral journey unsupervised if you are dealing with familial troubles or are dealing with a lot of stress from work. If you are microdosing, psilocybin can actually help to deal with a lot of these issues, by helping you gain perspective on your situation from an objective standpoint.


If you have used psilocybin before, you are comfortable with how it feels, and you know your boundaries, your expectations are probably already set. When you know what to expect, the psychoactive effects are easier to encounter. If you are new to psilocybin, the best advice is remain calm! It is important to remember your mental state can affect your cerebral journey. Feeling worried or scared might manifest as a negative experience. Always remember, if you are feeling anxious or worried: it will all pass, you will wake up tomorrow feeling normal. Last of all, if you start low and go slow, you will have an enjoyable, eye-opening, pensive experience.


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1 review for Elevate Microdose Blend

  1. redhotbohemian (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this blend. It has helped my anxiety and energy levels tremendously. I am able to focus more and be more present and I never feel “high” or fuzzy.
    I’ve been using this blend daily as needed for a year and a half now and have been able to come off one of my prescription anxiety medication (with doctor’s ok). I started w 50mg/day and worked my way up to 350-700mg/day only about half the days and that seems to be the sweet spot for me.
    I truly believe it has helped rebuild disconnected neuropathways over time and even improved my memory.

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Elevate Microdose Blend

Elevate Microdose Blend

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