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What is San Pedro Cactus?

San Pedro Cactus is a plant that has been used for centuries in Latin America for medicinal purposes. San Pedro is also known as huachuma, and grows in the Andes. Like mushrooms and ayahuasca, it is one of the oldest used medicines for visionary experiences. It’s been said that this cactus can bring you to the gates of heaven.

San Pedro is considered to be a powerful plant teacher and a heart opener. Helping people not only access deeper levels of consciousness and connect with the spirit world, but to develop more compassion for themselves and others.

How is San Pedro consumed?

San Pedro can be used in different ways. Traditionally the pieces are cooked for a long time with some added herbs. When consuming the cactus in dried form it is important to chew slowly until the pieces turn into a fine pulp to prevent stomach problems. It is also possible to make tea out of the cactus: boil the pieces for two to three hours on a low heat and add fruit juice or honey. 

It’s possible to add lemon juice, similar to lemon-tekking shrooms. A compound in the citrus helps to reduce the compounds which cause the nauseating effects. 

How much San Pedro is in one dose?

For a cactus with an average length of 15-20 cm and an average diameter of 3.5 cm one to one and a half cactus is enough for a light to average trip. Two to two and a half cactus will deliver a strong trip. The amount of active substance (mescaline) in the San Pedro cactus can vary enormously per cactus, so it is difficult to determine the right dosage. Therefore, start with taking half of the prepared portion and wait an hour until the effects are known. Taking more can be useful: the trip can become stronger and you will have to wait longer for the effect.

How does San Pedro make you feel high?

Sometimes this drug is called “the Grandfather,” and some people say it causes a childlike feeling. Like you’re being taken to the ice cream shop by a benevolent grandfather type person. He’s entertaining while also educating you with some life lessons. San Pedro contains a variety of psychoactive compounds, however mescaline is the primary psychoactive compound. 

How does San Pedro make you feel?

Many people report feeling euphoria, increased empathy, heightened sense of awareness, and feeling pretty energetic overall. It’s often described as a profound, transformative experience that could bring about a lot of positive changes to one’s life. In that way, it’s not too different from other psychedelics. There is also a great deal of visual distortion, which is another way in which San Pedro is similar to LSD or shrooms. 

What are the risks of San Pedro cactus?

There are some risks associated with San Pedro. As with any psychedelic, set and setting are extremely important. It is always recommended with strong psychedelics like San Pedro cactus to have a trip guide with you in order to guarantee your safety. 

Some negative effects on your mental state include anxiety and confusion. Because of the anxiety you may start to feel paranoid or suspicious. When you take high doses, it’s possible that you will be unable to distinguish reality from the trip. This might lead to situations that resemble drug-induced psychosis. San Pedro is a serious psychedelic, and definitely not recommended for beginners. 

How long does San Pedro take to kick in?

The effects of San Pedro come on gradually, kicking in fully after about two hours. The peak lasts for about six hours, which is quite a long trip. The come down is similarly slow top the onset, which means that San Pedro trips could last an entire day. 

The taste of San Pedro is extremely bitter. Apparently it has a much worse taste than Ayahuasca, and has a similar impact in terms of nauseating effects.

Can I eat while tripping on San Pedro?

It can be helpful to go into an experience with San Pedro on an empty stomach, possibly as long as 12 hours after your last meal. Keep in mind that the more San Pedro you take, the harder its nauseating effects will be. 

While you’re tripping it’s okay to eat. Some people have said that the taste of fruit while you’re tripping is the best taste of your life. 

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