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How to make shroom tea

Shroom tea is one of the most popular ways to ingest shrooms. Check out a detailed guide of how to make shroom tea at home!

Make magic mushroom tea at home

Regular tea and good tea differ in the same way that anything you do with your hands does; it all depends on how much care you give it. Everyone is aware that tastier food results from cooking with love! When you put love into what you do, excellent outcomes are always the byproduct.

The second half of this article includes detailed instructions. To determine whether or not mushroom tea is appropriate for you, let’s first examine the most often asked questions about this method of ingestion.

Will the mushrooms lose their strength?

The most frequently asked query regarding this recipe is whether or not adding mushrooms to boiling water would reduce their power. Yes, they will lose a little of their vigour if you put them in water that is 100°C or hotter. Psilocybin is more resistant at this degree, but the temperature in the teabag-infused cup drops quickly enough to be less harmful to the active ingredients. At this temperature, the less stable psilocin starts to degrade right immediately. The method you’ll find here is intended to preserve the strength of the mushrooms as much as possible, but you do lose something; however, (as the experience of numerous users reveals) the difference is completely undetectable. Actually, there is some flavour improvement, and the absence of motion sickness is a welcome side benefit. Tea is an option to think about if you have trouble digesting the flavour of mushrooms or become sick quickly.

Should I throw out the mushroom powder after preparation?

Another query regarding ground mushrooms is whether to eat them or discard them after processing. Making tea makes sense as a means to avoid eating the mushrooms because you run the risk of feeling sick while they are in your stomach before they start to work. Therefore, if sickness is what you’re trying to prevent, you can just throw them away. In any case, they won’t be of much use anymore.

I only have a few mushrooms. Will the tea be worth it?

But if you only have a few mushrooms available, and they’re enough to provide the desired result, I’d advise using this different approach: Citrus Tek The directions are, in brief, as follows: The mushrooms should be finely ground, combined with a generous amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and then eaten within 25 minutes at the most. The lemon will partially mask the flavour of the mushrooms, but its main benefit is that it will hasten the onset of the impact and shorten the amount of time you may feel uncomfortable. Although this is my preferred way, the flavour of the mushroom and lemon mixture is undeniably superior to that of the dried mushrooms alone. Additionally, the fact that it is liquid is important because it allows for quicker absorption. You must taste for a longer period of time the longer you must chew.

How you drink it alters the effect

Returning to the tea now. It will come up slowly and steadily if you sip it gently and take your time before finishing it. On the other hand, the climb will be noticeably quicker if you drink it quickly. Some people could be scared by a very quick rise that begins at a peak and rises swiftly over the next five to ten minutes. Others dislike a fast start, while others embrace it. In either case, it’s wise to be prepared and to drink slowly.

Some people insist that tea results in a far shorter trip, while much more contest this assertion. You won’t know for sure unless you give it a try as an individual; it might just be a subjective psychological reaction. I think the fungus’s substance tends to make the journey take longer because the active compounds are released more slowly. It seems sensible that it might not last quite as long if you chop the mushrooms up and consume only the active components, but let me reiterate: there is no absolute rule that applies to everyone. Even, a single dose can result in a variety of distinct effects.

The tea and the first time

For individuals who are ingesting mushrooms for the first time, tea is also a method of interest. Nevertheless, bear the following in mind: Never go over the gram and a half limit, and drink carefully. Ideally, it should take you 20 to 30 minutes to finish it as well, enabling the impact to develop gradually and lowering the likelihood of nausea to the absolute minimum (or even ruling out sickness altogether). It’s ideal to gradually introduce yourself to the magical world of mushrooms if this is your first time. It could be frightening if you take the “correct” amount, but the effect still develops a little quicker than you anticipated. It may go that way, or it may not. Just keep in mind that you are not competing with anyone; there is always room for future experiences, which will allow you to gradually comprehend how mushrooms interact with your body.

And now, here’s the recipe you’ll need for an optimal magic mushroom tea.

Necessary Ingredients

  • 3.5g of dry psilocybe cubensis mushrooms
  • 2 cups of water (around 350-400ml in total)
  • 2 teabags of (good quality, decaffeinated) tea or herbal tea. (choose something which combines nicely with the flavour of ginger as well as the eventual lemon juice)
  • 1 spoon of honey
  • A few pieces of ginger (this will reduce the chance of nausea even further, and help to cover the mushroom taste)
  • Lemon juice (optional, but very much advised. This covers the flavour of the mushrooms and, theoretically, accelerates the speed at which the active ingredients can get to work)


  • 1 kettle or saucepan
  • A big enough bowl to prepare everything
  • A coffee grinder, a pestle and mortar, or even just a knife and chopping board to break up the dry mushrooms
  • A coffee filter or fine mesh filter which allows you to squeeze the mushrooms left in the infusion
  • Your favourite mug which holds a good amount of liquid, or a teapot to pour the tea out of into whatever receptacle you want to drink from
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