2500mg Shroom Gummies | Mindzeye


Brand: Mindzeye
Flavour: Very Berry, Blue Raspberry
Active Ingredient: 2500mg Per Pack
Dose: 250mg each gummy

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Get ready for a flavourful journey with Mindzeye Shroom Gummies! Each package is loaded with 2500mg of active ingredient, divided into 10 delectable gummies, packing 250mg of mushroom goodness in each piece.

  • Microdose: Want to dip your toes in the world of magic mushrooms? Just 1/2 to 1 piece of these delightful gummies provides a subtle, gentle experience – perfect for beginners or those seeking a light touch.
  • Beginner Trip: Ready for a slightly deeper dive? 2 to 3 pieces offer a beginner-friendly trip, offering a bit more intensity while keeping things comfortably mellow.
  • More Visuals: Looking to unlock the full potential? Dive into a world of visuals and heightened sensations with 4 to 10 pieces. Get ready to explore the depths of your consciousness and embrace a more immersive experience.

Crafted with precision and packed with fruity berry flavour, these gummies are your ticket to a personalized journey. Whether you’re aiming for a gentle exploration or a more profound adventure, Mindzeye Mushroom Gummies are here to accompany you on your psychedelic exploration. Remember, start low and find your perfect dose for a mind-expanding escapade!

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, gelatin, citric, acid, potato starch, malic acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, natural flavours, artificial flavours, pink Himalayan salt, stevia, colour, lecithin, sunflower and/or soy, carnauba wax.

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Blue Raspberry, Very Berry


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2500mg Shroom Gummies | Mindzeye

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