Entourage Penis Envy Caramel Crunch – 7g


Brand: Entourage
Dose: 7
 grams (7,000 mg)
15 (466.66 mg each)
Caramel Crunch
Psilocybe: Penis Envy

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Product Information

Penis Envy Caramel Crunch Bar by Entourage is fabulous tasting chocolate! The chocolate is made from scratch by local chocolatiers . We absolutely love the packaging of Entourage as well as the top quality and flavour of the chocolate.

How to use the Penis Envy Caramel Crunch Bar

If this is your first time taking shrooms in chocolate form, there are a couple things to keep in mind. When paired with chocolate, the effect of the shrooms tends to hit a little bit harder than if you just ate them on their own. Perhaps this is because ingestion alongside a fatty substance like chocolate allows the psilocybin (by this point the body has turned it to psilocin) to be ferried to the bloom stream quicker.

With this increase in effect in mind, adjust your use accordingly. If you are someone who is hit hard by the effects of magic mushrooms, be sure to keep this in mind. In your case, it would be best to start with just one piece (467 mg). If you are ready for a stronger journey, then choose your dose! The entire Penis Envy Caramel Crunch Bar by Entourage contains seven (7) grams. Enjoy the journey, it’s not about the destination.

Set and setting

Have your heard of set and setting? This is a concept introduced by Timothy Leary. It outlines the best way to get the most out of your psychedelic experience. It is certainly possible to consume too much of a psychedelic and have a bad trip. The best way to mitigate this is to focus on your set and setting going into the experience.

The “set” is a shortened form of “mindset”. If you are in a bad mood, there are things in your life that are constantly in the forefront of your mind, or its just generally a tough time in your life, this is probably not the best time to take mind-altering substances. Setting refers to just that, the setting in which you take the psychedelics. To ensure the best time, make sure the setting is a comfortable or familiar place. For example, your home is a great place to start experimenting. A good reason for this is there are safe places like your bed and bathroom always close at hand. Be smart about your psychedelic intake!


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Penis Envy Caramel Crunch

Entourage Penis Envy Caramel Crunch - 7g

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