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What are the differences between LSD and shrooms?

In this article, we’ll compare psilocybin mushrooms with LSD to help you decide which one is better for you. First, it is important to know that these psychedelics are extremely physically safe and both are extremely beneficial, but which one is more beneficial? 

Which psychedelic is better for treatment of anxiety and depression?

If you are taking psychedelics to lower your depression and anxiety, then psilocybin is going to be a better choice. The data on this subject is still somewhat limited because psychedelics have been illegal for such a long time, but if you look at the studies we do have so far, psilocybin seems to be more powerful as far as treating depression than LSD. The same applies to anxiety and the same most likely applies to reducing stress. The reason is that LSD is usually gentler and usually doesn’t allow you to face your traumas, in a way that psilocybin can. 

Is LSD or are shrooms more intense?

Psilocybin trips are usually way more intense because the mushrooms are trying to show you all the stuff that you have been stuffing down into your subconscious mind! This is both a good thing and a bad thing because on one hand, psilocybin trips can be extremely challenging, but on the other hand, the fact that they are challenging allows you to heal yourself from your trauma. 

Perhaps for the same reason, mushrooms are believed to be better for treating addictions because when you heal your trauma, you will not have to rely on exogenous substances or TV or social media to make you happy. 

Is psilocybin or LSD better when it comes to treating addiction? 

Well, that is a tricky question, because we don’t have that much data on LSD specifically, but from much of the research being done today, it seems to me like psilocybin is approximately two times better when it comes to treating addiction. 

That is not to say that LSD is not effective for reducing addictions or depression, it’s just that psilocybin seems to be way more powerful when it comes to contemplating human problems or even existential questions. 

Which psychedelic is more confusing?

LSD appears to be less confusing than mushrooms, and it puts you into an introspective state. So if you want to contemplate and solve some specific practical problem that you have, be it a career problem or relationship problem, then LSD is going to be better for that. 

But also if you take 300 micrograms of LSD, that won’t allow you to focus on your human problems and contemplate them in any way. Lower doses are more suited for that.

Which psychedelic has been studied more?

Psilocybin is more studied, which in a way is a benefit of psilocybin over LSD. But we know that these substances affect the brain in a similar way. 

What are the side effects of LSD and psilocybin?

They are almost equal as far as their side effects, at least when it comes to its physical safety and mental disorders and things of that nature. LSD tends to be more pleasant, and the chance of a bad trip is usually lower. This is great if you are a beginner psychonaut or you’ve had a bad experience in the past and are afraid of tripping. 

Do shrooms or LSD last longer?

LSD lasts for significantly longer, around eight to 12 hours, as opposed to 4 to 6 hours, which is the duration of mushrooms. A longer trip can be unpleasant, even four hours sometimes feels like a lot! 

However, the benefit of longer psychedelics is that if you stay aware and conscious for these 8 to 12 hours, you will retain a lot of insights from the trip. So if you use the substance for contemplation, LSD is almost definitely going to be more useful but if your intention is to do shadow work, and you yourself have traumas from the past, then mushrooms are definitely a better choice, or at least a more effective choice. 

Are there fake shrooms and fake LSD?

LSD might not be LSD and can instead be other dangerous substances. Even if you take as little as two tabs, these other synthetic substances can be quite dangerous.  If you are taking LSD and you are not 100% sure what it is, always use a test kit, or at the very least swallow the substance because LSD is active even when you swallow it while common substitutes of LSD are not. 

If you still choose to take the substance without testing it, and you don’t swallow it and you just put it on your tongue, then watch the taste. If the tab has no taste or slightly bitter taste, then you are probably fine and it probably is LSD. However, if the tab is extremely bitter and it makes your tongue go numb, then it is something else and you want to trash that. 

Will I feel nausea on psychedelics?

Mushrooms cause nausea more so than LSD. There are many ways to reduce the nausea, such as lemon tekking!

If you choose to eat mushrooms or even LSD, don’t overeat before you take the substance. 

Are psychedelics legal?

Both mushrooms and LSD are still illegal in most countries around the world. But there are some places where you can take mushrooms legally and there is a lot more stigma around LSD. 

Should I take LSD or mushrooms?

Each of these substances have their different benefits. It might be a good idea to take both of them to see both perspectives because both of these drugs can give you different insights. To conclude, magic mushrooms seem to be more effective long term for most people, while LSD is milder, gentler but often a much longer trip. 

As always, your mileage may vary! The answers in this article are generally true for many users of these substances, but you might have a completely different experience from everyone else, and that is equally as valid! Pay attention to your body and its cues when taking any psychedelic substance. 

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