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How long do shrooms last?

How long shrooms last depends on a lot of things, including dosage, the type of shrooms you take, how you take your shrooms, and how much you’ve eaten that day. There are a lot of factors that contribute to how long the trip itself lasts. 

How long will my shroom trip be?

Generally speaking, if you’re doing shrooms the way most people are doing shrooms, this means that you are eating whole dried psilocybin mushrooms. They’re likely psilocybe cubensis because that is the species that is most common on the market simply because they’re the easiest to grow. You’re probably taking around one to three and a half grams. 

Assuming that all those things are true, you can expect the trip to last around four to six hours. 

How long does it take for shrooms to kick in?

As mentioned, if you’re taking whole dried psilocybin mushrooms, you’re taking around one to three and a half grams, and you haven’t fasted that day, you can expect the entire experience to last around four to six hours. 

Mushrooms are going to kick in around 30 to 90 minutes. After that, you’ll be coming up on them for about two hours. You’re going to be peaking from hours two to four and then you’re going to be coming down from hours four to six. Sometimes shrooms can last as long as eight hours. Sometimes the trip could be four hours long. 

What is the most difficult part of a shroom trip?

People often find that the hardest part of the shroom trip experience is the come up. The first 30 minutes or so when you’re waiting for the experience to begin might be more difficult simply because you could be nervous. The come up also includes the first couple of hours when you’re acclimating to the experience. This is most often when people feel things like nausea or discomfort in their bodies. 

A lot of that discomfort is usually just because people are so nervous about the experience or they’re kind of resisting surrendering. People create a lot of narratives and unnecessary sort emotional resistance around the initial arc of the experience. But once people are in the peak of the experience, they often find that the trepidation and the nausea fade. 

When will my bad trip be over?

Every single trip is different. Every single person is different. But if you’re reading this article right now, and you’re feeling terrible and wondering how long shrooms last, just know that if you’re in that first couple of hours of the experience that usually people find that that is sort of the toughest part of the journey. 

Do shrooms last longer if you consume them in different ways?

If you’re taking regular psilocybin mushrooms then the experience is going to be four to six hours but if you are grinding up the mushrooms, then that breaks down the mushroom material for you and so they are going to hit you faster than if you’re eating the mushrooms whole. 

Typically, if you soak them in lemon juice, the experience is going to hit within 10 to 45 minutes, and it’s going to be more intense and it’s going to end at around four hours. The actual duration of the experience itself is going to be shorter. You can lemon tek with lime and even red wine vinegar. We do not recommend lemon tekking for newbies to tripping simply because the experience is said to be significantly more intense than just taking shrooms. 

How should I store shrooms so they stay potent?

There’s a variety of ways that you can store your mushrooms and this will impact their shelf life. The most common way that people store their mushrooms is by putting whole psilocybin mushrooms that are dried into an airtight container like a tupperware or a mason jar and sticking a couple of silica gel packs in there as well. If you do that your shrooms should last about a year before they start to lose their potency. 

If you make shroom tea, you can stick it in the fridge and it will stay good for about a week. If you buy some chocolates or you make some chocolates, you can expect them to last in the refrigerator before they lose their potency for about a month. If you make trim capsules, which is when you grind up the shrooms and put them into little gelatin capsules, then those will last about a year. 

What is the blue honey storage method?

If you want your shrooms to last for a really long time, especially if you’ve grown them or you forage and you just have way more than you know what to do with, consider making something called blue honey. 

Blue honey is essentially just grinding up the shrooms and layering them with honey and they can last for a very long time that way. Something close to multiple years, at least. 

How long do shrooms stay in your system?

The first part of the question is, how long are they detectable by a drug test? There’s not really a reason to be worried about this. If you are getting a drug test, a standard drug test from an employer or something like that, the chances that they’re testing for shrooms are extremely slim. They don’t look for shrooms. Even if they did, shrooms are only detectable in your urine for 24 hours. (Although this does depend on the person).

How long do the psychological benefits of shrooms last?

In terms of how long the psychological or spiritual effects of shrooms last, that’s a completely different question. After a shroom trip, also, after tripping on LSD or DMT, or any of the classic psychedelics, people often experience something called the quote afterglow effect. Essentially, things just feel easier and better if you have a history of depression. Oftentimes, people report feeling just like happy and light in the days and sometimes even week or two following a psychedelic experience. That’s not always the case. Everyone is different. Sometimes, actually, things get harder after a psychedelic experience. Maybe it opened things up that are living in your unconscious that have yet to be fully processed. If that’s something that you’re experiencing, you should definitely seek support through a licensed counselor or possibly a psychedelic integration circle.

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