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Where can I buy shrooms?

There are many different ways to obtain shrooms in Canada. You can obtain spores online, order from online dispensaries or even grow your own!

Where were shrooms decriminalized first?

A few years ago, Denver became the first county in the United States to decriminalize psilocybin. Less than a month later, Oakland followed and decriminalized all naturally occurring psychedelic plants and fungi and Santa Cruz followed in Oakland’s footsteps soon after. Now there’s more than 100 cities and counties in the US that are looking to decriminalize all naturally occurring psychedelic mushrooms and plants. This is catalyzing a psychedelic mushroom growing movement. 

Can I buy spores online?

If you are in Denver, or Oakland or Santa Cruz, you can grow psychedelic mushrooms and you can’t be criminalized for it. So a lot of people want to know where they can get the spores to grow their own mushrooms. Psilocybin spores, of which there are many different varieties, are legal in many places and there are a lot of totally legitimate, great websites where you can order spores and they’ll be delivered to your house. It’s just like ordering anything else on the internet. Most psilocybin spores will say on them and on the website that they are for microscopic use only. 

It looks like in the next year many places in North America are going to be decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms. So if you want to buy spores you can do so now! But as far as buying mushrooms in a store, it depends on the area of Canada that you live in. 

How can I grow my own shrooms?

One quick method for growing shrooms would be using pre-cut straw as a base growth layer for spores. Soak the straw for at least 24 hours and then drip dry it for 24 hours as well. Add mushroom spores to the straw and mix the spores and straw together well. Allow the mixture to sit in a sealed container for about a week until you start to see the beginnings of mushroom growth. Then move the container to a controlled environment and then shrooms will grow!

This is a very basic description of a pretty intricate process that we will outline in a follow up article soon!

Can I buy mushrooms in dispensaries in Vancouver?

In the city of Vancouver buying magic mushrooms can be as easy as ordering your morning cup of coffee! Around the city shops are popping up. The stores make no attempt at hiding what they offer, with large signs and sandwich boards advertising their wares. 

Magic Mushrooms are a controlled substance, so many wonder how the shops can operate. For the VPD it comes down to having bigger fish to fry. The VPD says it’s focused on organized crime and the trafficking of opioids. 

What are the arguments for legalization of shrooms in Canada?

There are a lot of Canadians interested in trying psilocybin for its therapeutic benefits; the demand for psilocybin is real. But there are inherent dangers when people are forced to find the product illegally. The truth is that prohibition does work and when people are forced underground we don’t know how safe the substances they’re accessing are. 

Right now, there’s ongoing research around the benefits of psilocybin which is found to help with a slew of mental health conditions. Experts that offer clinical trials of the therapy, say in our regular state of consciousness, we have been conditioned to think in one specific way

Are there shroom dispensaries in Toronto?

The City of Toronto just got its first medicinal magic mushroom dispensary. You have to ring the doorbell to be let in and those who have been inside say that it looks like any cannabis dispensary you might see. There are many different products sold, including psilocybin products like micro dosing capsules, chocolates, gummies, teas and dried mushrooms. 

Ongoing research shows that micro dosing psilocybin can treat mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, OCD and substance abuse. Right now in Canada psychedelics are only legally available through a special assessment program or assumption request supported by a medical practitioner. 

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